Why should every business have a website?

simply because things are growing so fast online, and any type of business can benefit immensely from an online store that will attract more customers by having their store doorstep or offering their service to the whole world through the internet.

so you who land here on my website looking for a bakery website may already know that the same above can be said for bakery owners, that is the answer to Why should a bakery have a website?

How do I make a bakery website?

to make a bakery website you have two ways:

  • 1st, hire someone and pay him to make it for you.
  • 2nd, build it for yourself

the 1st option is the easiest option, but not the cheapest, this option will cost you money to get the website you want, but you can set back and relax knowing that your website design will be built professionally by an experienced designer, the thing that will make your website unique.

all you need is to go to graphic design service websites such as 99designs, Upwork, and Fiverr.
look for creative experts’ profiles, check their, designs, completed projects, and prices, once you find the one you like, contact him and send him a brief of how you want your bakery website design details, and wait for it to be done.

the 2nd way, is to build a bakery website by yourself, this has also become easy nowadays, but it will require you some research and time.

there are a lot of tutorials that can show you step-by-step How to build a bakery website.

all you need is to be a good listener and follower, if you are good at that you’ll end up building your own website at the minimum costs.

How much does a bakery website cost?

How much is it to make a website? hh.. this question’s answer can vary, it depends on who is making this website for you.

As said above, if you are willing to pay someone to create you a website, you can not expect the price to be less than $4k, I’m talking if you are going to make a very professional website, you need to go for top-notch web developers and designers.

or you can go and hire freelancers and expect your bakery website to be built for $1k.

the second way, if you are going to build your website by yourself, all you need is to pay for the tools and services you need to use, such as the Domain name, Webhosting, themes, page builders, and many others. you can start at as low as $100.

but you have to know that the cheaper it is, the less professional website you get.

Most Important Steps to Build a Bakery Website

Most tutorials and step-by-step guides that teach how to build a bakery website only share some of the generic steps that you can not skip. so by following these tutorials you will end up creating a website that is just like the other.

to build a great website, you need more steps, such as research and planes, compares, reverse engineering, checking competitors, and more.

by doing all this you will end up having a great website that is not only good-looking but a website that attracts and converts visitors into buyers, which is of course the main reason made you looking for a way to build a website for your bakery.
You are lucky to be here because I’ll cover all these missing steps here.

Bakery website Research and inspiration

The first thing to do if you want to build a website is to do some research, this will draw inspiration from browsing website designs and give you ideas on what is working in the market.

go to google and search for “best bakery near me”, “best bakery in (name of the city)”, then, “best bakery in (name of country)”.

People are looking for Who is the best bakery in the world? so ask this question in different search engines and see what comes in search results, most of these websites on pages 1 to 10th can give you more inspiration.

Check out the websites of these bakeries and see how the designs are and what products and services they offer online.

these are some keywords that can help you find more bakery website designs, search for:

  • modern bakery website.
  • cake shop website ideas.
  • home bakery websites.
  • the best bakery website templates.
  • WordPress bakery website.
  • Bakery themes.
  • Bakery website examples
  • Squarespace bakery template.

I almost forgot about a place where you can get tons of ideas, its the place I go to every time I want to get inspired in any domain, Pinterest, is a very good place where you can create boards and collect pins of amazing designs, go to Pinterest and search for bakery website design.

when browsing these online bakery websites, Pins, themes, and templates, mark and save everything you love, because you’ll get back to it once you start creating your own website.

do this until you have a complete idea of what you want your website to be like, then move to the next step.

What should be on a bakery website?

Now that you’ve gone through all these websites, you might have an idea of what should be on a bakery website, right?

So, when considering building a bakery website, you need to think about these things:

  • the most important pages, which are the home page, the media or gallery page, the menu page, and the contact and about pages.
  • Your bakery’s interior and exterior images, product images, all these should be high-quality images.
  • You need to create the most used social network account for your bakery, such as a Facebook page, Instagram, and of course Pinterest. and why not a youtube channel.
  • Your Bakery brand colors and logo.
  • Contact information.
  • Call to action.

What is needed to create a website?

Now that you have all the ideas, favorite designs, and data to use to create your website, all you need is:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting service
  • Page builder (optional)
  • WordPress theme (We’ll use WordPress, the easiest option)
  • Some WordPress plugins

Now that you know and have everything you need, I’m going to show you how to create a bakery website step by step, let’s start.

Bakery Domain Name

if you already own a bakery that means you already have a name for your business, all you need is to grab it on one of these domain names which I will share next.

but let’s start with those who don’t yet have a business name but are looking for a catchy name for a bakery.

there are websites that can help you generate catchy available domain names that you can use for your bakery, you can use “Business Name Generator” website for that.

So, once you find the perfect bakery name, head to one of these domain registrars and grab it.

  • Namecheap
  • Dreamhost
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator

Article in Progress, Please come back for the finale designs and free tutorial on how to create a bakery website.